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UK Boiler Care provides boiler and central heating systems installation, maintenance, repair and servicing solutions to homeowners, landlords and letting agents in the Eastern Counties.

UK Boiler Care 24 hour, 365 days a year local maintenance cover services are provided by a team of efficient, friendly and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers and plumbing experts.

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We work to the highest standards and apply best practice at all times , ensuring quality, efficiency and legal compliance

We do not unnecessarily condem boilers, carry out unnecessary work, suggest unnecessary repairs or encourage unnecessary purchases

We do not use subcontractors or call centres

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Our coverage includes

Bishop’s Stortford
Bury St Edmunds
Clacton on Sea

Letchworth Garden City
Saffron Walden
St Albans

Power Flushing is a straightforward process and is carried out with the minimum of disruption to your property.

A specialised Power Flush machine with its own built-in pump is connected to your heating system and a cleaning solution is pumped at low pressure and high frequency throughout the entire system. Individual radiators are isolated, ensuring that internal pipework is thoroughly cleansed, eliminating the risk of a build up of sludge.

The results of a Power Flush

  • Reduced gas bills.
  • Improved central heating system efficiency by up to 40%.
  • Radiators heat up more quickly and run hotter.
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the system.
  • Increased boiler lifespan.

Warning signs to watch out for that indicate a Power Flush is needed

  • Cold spots on radiators.
  • Radiators (all or some) struggling to heat up.
  • Radiators are cold but pipes feel hot.
  • The central heating system warms up slowly.
  • Excessively noisy boiler or heating system pump.
  • Noisy radiators.
  • Boiler starts to regularly shut down and needs restarting.
  • When you bleed the radiators you see discoloured water.
  • Water does not escape when you bleed a radiator.
  • Pin hole leaks in radiators.

Power Flush to central heating system

£450 + VAT


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How Power Flushing works

A deep clean of your heating system by our Gas Safe engineers.

Power Flushing

Power up the efficiency of your heating and safeguard your boiler

Over time your central heating system will likely suffer from a build up of black sludge; Iron Oxide or Magnatite. Black sludge arises when air, water and metal come into contact and your system starts to corrode internally. Sludge degrades the circulation efficiency of your central heating. The result is higher bills and less heat.

Sludge can also lead to the failure of critical components, such as Pumps, Plate Heat Exchangers and Diverter Valves, and badly damage your boiler. The result can be expensive repairs.

The UK Boiler Care Power Flush is carried out by our own Gas safe registered engineers.

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